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Gerber Plastic Baby Food Containers

By January 16, 2009

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Take a moment to check out this post on the Family Crafts Forum made by a visitor named valthephotogirl:

"I have saved a million (okay about 60) of those Gerber plastic baby food containers... Does anyone have any craft ideas using these? Especially something that might be of interest to young boys."

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January 17, 2009 at 2:02 pm
(1) Susie says:

I don’t have an About.com account yet so I’m just leaving a quick message. I worked with a classroom of 3-7 year olds for several years. I noticed the boys are really interested in using their hands and building things, specially things that expand horizontally (example: railroad tracks) or vertically (example: towers). Try building a tower with all the containers. Use them as you would any other blocks. Challenge them to try different methods. Example: single file upward or several ones at the bottom and then build on top. Try to build a pyramid. Get creative!

January 22, 2009 at 1:05 pm
(2) lorby says:

The plastic jars can be used to make water globes. Using a hot glue gun, glue stuff to the inside of the cap of the jar. Fill the jar with water and add some glitter and screw on the cap. You might want to hot glue the cover on.

April 1, 2010 at 2:45 pm
(3) Mandi says:

I do not foresee Lorby’s idea working if these are the “plastic” containers of gerber baby food I’m thinking of. LOL As for the towers…what a great idea! I personally think using them for a baby shower favor would be cute! Put in candies or another kind of favor, snap on the lid and tie with blue, pink, and/or yellow ribbon! Not an idea to keep boys busy, but cute idea for a shower. :)

December 8, 2011 at 11:16 pm
(4) sfilly255 says:

The best Ideas I’ve seen are spray painting the insides of the containers different colors (think lego green, red, yellow & blue). Glue on the lids well (maybe superglue?) and then you have a bunch of colored building blocks.
Using them for storage of course, they fit nicely in the long individual silverware storage baskets. I use them to store different sizes of batteries in the junk drawer. And one man took black sandpaper, glued it to the top of the lids and then filled them with matches, the containers are the perfect size for matches.

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