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You Can Catch a Leprechaun

By February 19, 2013

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I know we just celebrated St. Valentine's Day last week, and you might not want to think about another holiday just yet; but the sooner you start planning out how to make a leprechaun trap, the more likely you are to have success catching a leprechaun. If you were to create a trap to help you catch a leprechaun, what would it look like? What items would you use? You have to get very creative when you make a leprechaun trap because leprechauns are very smart and tricky.

Why would you want to catch a leprechaun? Because legend tells us that if you catch a Leprechaun he will lead you to his pot of gold and give it to you as a bribe to let him go. Is that enough of a reason to get you motivated to build a leprechaun trap?

If you want some inspiration, check out all the wonderful photos of leprechaun traps sent in by visitors just like you. Once you build your own leprechaun trap, make sure you take a picture of it and submit it to be included in our collection. Good luck!

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(Photo submitted by Hannah)

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February 21, 2009 at 1:38 pm
(1) Jane says:

I have had my kindergarten students create leprechaun traps with their families then bring the traps to school. We would set a couple each day in the week before St. Patrick’s day. Of course the leprechaun was never caught, but he would trip the traps then create havoc in retaliation. Examples of his (or her) tantrums would be blocks strewn about the classroom, a chair or two tipped over, nothing destructive or intimidating.
I would also type letters from the leprechaun, reduce them to size eight or nine font, then leave the notes in my students desks. A note might suggest that a desk was so cluttered the leprechaun thanked the owner for providing a safe haven. Another might comment on a student’s exemplary behavior. I had a magnifying glass close at hand with which I could read the letters to the recipients.
To end the frenzy sometimes associated with leprechaun antics, I explained that leprechauns were only allowed in the United States from March 1st to St Patrick’s Day. After that they would vanish, “poof” away.

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