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Felt Advent Christmas Tree Craft

How to Make a Felt Advent Calendar


Felt Advent Christmas Tree Craft

Felt Advent Christmas Tree Craft

Sherri Osborn
A fun way to count down the days until Christmas. Make an advent Christmas tree using felt and these directions.

  • Age Guideline: 3 Years and Up
  • Time Required: 30 minutes (Does not include drying time)

The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending on your circumstances.



Make a fun felt Christmas tree and ornaments. Using the pattern below, cut a tree shape out of green felt. You can also just cut out a Christmas tree shape without using the pattern.

Cut 24 small circles out of brightly colored felt to be ornaments on your tree. You can make these all the same size or a variety of sizes.

Starting on December first, hang one felt ornament per day on your felt Christmas tree to help you count down the days until Christmas! The felt ornaments will stick to the felt tree without any glue, tape, etc. After Christmas, you can pack away this advent Christmas tree and use it again next year. You can also make this advent craft out of paper.

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