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Soap Bible or Book Craft

How to Make a Miniature Book or Bible using a Bar of Soap


Angela explains how to make a small bible decoration, or any book, using a bar of soap and some felt.


  • Felt (Preferably black and gold or yellow.)
  • Soap bar
  • Glue
  • Ribbon for sides of soap (Preferably gold or yellow)

Get your bar of soap, cut the felt to cover front, one side of bar, and the back. Glue it to the bar of soap. If you use black felt it will look almost like a bible. Take your ribbon, glue it to the edges of soap bar that is visible (3 sides).

Cut out the letters BIBLE from gold or yellow felt and glue to the front of your "Bible". Or you may use craft paint. The main piece of felt should be one piece to fold over the soap.

This craft is excellent for children of all ages. It is easy, and quick to hold the younger ones attention.

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