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How to Decorate a Calendar

How to Decorate Your Free Calendar Templates


How to Decorate a Calendar

How to Decorate a Calendar

Here are some suggestions for decorating the free, printable calendar template I provide. You can also use these suggestions to decorate calendars you make yourself.

  • Decorate the top half of a blank calendar page with pictures of friends and family members who have birthdays that month! Write the person's name on the appropriate date on the calendar.

  • Make a collage using pictures cut from magazines. Use pictures of items related to special days of the month or a special theme.

  • Draw a picture on the blank part of the calendar. Try to make it related to special events that month, birthdays, or a specific theme.

  • Find clip art for each month. Use your own graphics program to add the clip art to the blank calendar. You can also print out the clip art, cut it out, and glue it into place.

  • Use stickers to decorate the calendar pages.

  • Make a multicultural calendar! Choose 12 different ethnic or religious cultures and designate one for each month. Do some reasearch about the ethnic or religious cultures. Find out about important dates, traditions, people, etc. Decorate the calendar with pictures and written facts that have to do with each culture.

If you have a fun calendar idea, you can submit it here. For help with printing your calendars, read this article about printing coloring book pages.

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