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How to Make Candles

Learn How to Make Ccandlees and Candle Holders


How to Make Candles

How to Make Candles

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Candle making can be can be both fun and dangerous. You should never try any projects that use heat and fire without an adults help, and always follow candle safety rules.

There are many different kinds of candles, many different candle making techniques, and various supplies you need. Before you pick a project to try you might want to check out all the candlemaking help pages I have found.

There are a variety of project ideas here - from the very simple to more advanced creations. There are even ideas for making candle holders! Please make sure you read all instructions carefully; and, once again, make sure to follow all necessary safety rules.

Make Candles

Candle Holders
If you want to learn a lot more about candlemaking, visit About.com's Candle and Soap Making site. On those pages, you can find a wealth of information; including candle supply resources, basic and advanced candle making instructions, and many more candle making projects.

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