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Reader's Digest Tree Craft


Find out how you can transform a Reader's Digest or similar magazine or catalog into a Christmas tree tabletop decoration.

Materials Needed:

  • Reader's Digest (or similar sized magazine/catalog)
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Misc. Supplies (explained below)

This is adapted from the Reader's Digest Angel Craft shared by SusieQ.

Take a Reader's Digest magazine, or even a small paperback catalog, and open it up to the first page -- some people like to remove the front and back covers (that's a personal preference).

Take the upper right corner of a page, fold it down into the middle -- towards the inside seam -- so that there is straight edge from the inside edge of the top of the page to the middle of the page -- it should be a triangle shape.

Then take the side of the page and fold it in towards the middle of the book -- you should now have 2 folds on one page. Make sure that all folds are "crisp".

Continue until all the pages have been folded in this manner.

Glue the front and back pages together so that it forms a cone shape and "stands up". There you have your Reader's Digest Christmas tree!

Spray paint your tree and decorate it as desired. You can use a variety of objects, everything from buttons to pom-poms. You can even used purchased, miniature Christmas tree decorations.

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