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Bag of Jelly Beans Costume

Home-Made Halloween Costume Idea


Angela explains how you can make a costume that looks like a bag of jelly beans.

Materials Needed:

  • Small colored balloons
  • Clear, cellophane wrap
  • Colored ribbon
Wear white tights and body suit. Blow up balloons, keeping them small enough that they look like jelly beans. Make a loose bag around your body out of the cellophane. Place the balloons "in the bag" around your body.

Tie with ribbon loosely around neck (under arms for children or if neck is uncomfortable). Make a sign using cardboard or fabric that says "Jelly Belly the Gourmet Jelly bean" or something similar. Tape or glue sign onto front of "bag".

Ideas shared by Private Eye: Use a clear garbage bag instead of the cellophane and self-stick letters to spell out jelly beans on the front of the bag.

Ideas shared by Sherri: I would suggest actually attaching the balloons to your outfit using safety pins. This would help ensure they stay were you want them!

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