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Azalea Lei Craft

How to Make a Flower Lei


Erica gave instructions to make an easy Hawaiian Lei using real azaleas!

Materials Needed:

  • Heavy thread or unwaxed dental floss
  • Large needle
  • Lots and lots of azaleas

The azaleas you choose for your lei should be open but not wilting. Gently separate the flower from the stem and you will see a small hole in the bottom of the flower. Thread the needle with the heavy thread or dental floss and then string the azaleas as you would a popcorn string. The flowers should all go in the same direction. Keep the string flat on your work surface so the flowers won't fall off the other end. Once you have completely covered the string, which takes many, many flowers, tie the ends together. It's ready to wear! Colored azaleas last longer than the white ones and you can use different flowers with the azaleas but I've found that the azaleas work best. Aloha!

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