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Decoupage Instructions

This Step-By-Step Tutorial Will Teach You How to Decoupage


Step-By-Step Decoupage Instructions

Decoupage Bowl

Once you have all of your decoupage supplies gathered, you can start on your project by following along with this easy directions. As with any craft project, you should read through and understand all all of these instructions before starting.

  1. Start out by making sure the item you will decoupage is clean and dry. If you are going to paint your item first, make sure the paint is totally dry before you start decoupaging.

  2. Cut out the pictures you are going to use.

  3. Arrange the pictures onto the item you are decoupaging before you add glue until you like the way they look. The pictures can be in any placement you like and can also overlap.

  4. Working in a small section at a time, remove the pictures and apply a generous layer of decoupage medium onto the item you are decoupaging. Make sure you completely cover any area the picture will touch. If you prefer, you can spread the medium onto the back of the picture.

  5. Stick the picture on the decoupage medium. Use your finger to gently push down the picture (for a large picture, start from the center and work your way out) and push out any wrinkles and excess medium. You can also use a popsicle stick or brayer to do this.

  6. Continue with the last 2 steps until all your pictures are glued on. Let the decoupage medium dry.

  7. Once the medium is dry, coat your item completely with the decoupage medium. Let this dry.

  8. Now, you can continue to add coats of the medium until you get the desired results. You will, however, want to keep adding coats until the edges of the pictures are all smooth.

  9. Let your project dry completely and then it is ready to use, display, or be given away as a gift.

Before you start or even finish your project, you might want to take a minute to read through these decoupage tips.

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