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Fabric Sit-Upons
Instructions to make a small cushion to sit on outside. Great simple sewing project!

Materials Needed:

  • Fabric Scraps (See explanation below)
  • Large Needle
  • Yarn or String
  • Plastic Bags
Any heavey-duty fabric can be used for this project, but the best fabric to use for this item is an old tablecloth - the kind that has plastic on one side and material on the other.

Cut 2 squares out of your fabric. They should be the same size and approximately 2 feet wide. Cut a piece of yarn or string about 3 feet long and thread it onto the needle. Pull the yarn or string through the needle eye and then tie the ends together.

Start at any of the 4 corners and sew the edges together using a simple running stitch (see picture below). Leave about an inch around the edge of your material. Sew 3 of the 4 sides together, threading more yarn or string onto your needle if necessary.

Once you have 3 sides sewn, stuff your sit-upon full of plastic bags so it looks like a pillow. Sew the last side closed in the same manner you sewed the rest of your sit-upon. Your sit-upon is now ready to use, and it is quite handy for finding a dry spot to sit outside on a damp day!

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