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Learn How to Weave

Find Out How to Make a Simple Loom and Learn How to Weave


Tema shares these instructions for trying your hand at weaving.

Materials Needed:

  • Fabric, torn in 1/2" strips
  • String
  • Small nails
  • Frame boards, put them together to form a frame


Once your frame has been put together - use glue and nails, if necessary, to achieve a good strong frame - hammer nails into 2 sides, directly across from each other. Make the nails about half inch apart, staggered so that you do not split the wood.

Then take your string and wrap it around a nail at each end, twice, tie off and cut excess. Do this as many times as it takes to tie off all the nails. This gives you your foundation for the weaving.

Take your torn fabric strips and begin to weave them in and out of the string - each set of string equals one weave. I just scrunch up the strips and then shove them down tight with a fork. To add more strips, simply stitch the ends together in such a way that the stitching is hidden under the string you are weaving thru.

When finished with the weaving - weave your long ends (from the start and the finish of the weaving) into the weaving and stitch down.

Remove weaving from the frame slowly, tying off each set of strings as you go.

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