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Wind Chime Craft

Wind Chime Craft

Sheila Ellison
There's no sound as beautiful as a wind-chime blowing in the breeze. Follow these directions to make your own sweet-sounding wind chime.

  1. Go on a treasure hunt and look for items that will create a lovely sound when they collide, such as seashells, bells, beads, and stones.

  2. If the items are thin enough, poke a hole through them with a nail or hole punch. Then pull a piece of string or nylon thread through each hole, and tie a knot.

  3. For heavier objects, such as stones, wrap the string around the object a few times, and rub non-toxic liquid glue over the string to hold it in place.

  4. Next, find a colorful plastic lid to serve as the top of the wind chime.

  5. Poke holes through the top, and pull the pieces of string or nylon thread through the holes; tie a knot at each end.

  6. Finally, punch two holes in the center of the top, and loop a piece of string through the holes. Tie another knot, and hang your wind chime from a nail or the branch of a tree.

Note: If you have young children, avoid using small objects, which can present a choking hazard if swallowed.

Sheila Ellison is an avid gardener in Northern California and the mother of four.

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