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Teacher Candle Craft

Make This Fun Candle for A Special Teacher


KIDSMOM7 explains how to make a great gift for your teacher.

At the past Calif PTA Convention one of the Districts sold candles in the Marketplace. I thought that they were really special. They took tapered candles and place clear labels that had the following saying on them. I would have taken it one step further by dipping them in melted wax because the stickers were hard to keep on.

I use the idea and went to the $1 store and bought scented candles in glass jars. I took colored paper and printed out the saying and glued it onto the jar. Then I decoup ged the jar. (of course I took off the label). Here is the poem -

      Where there is no knowledge, there is darkness.
      Where there is no involvement, there is no hope.
      Where there is no striving, there can be no excellence.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, getting involved, and striving for excellence in our children.

I use this for my PTA Board members as a end of the year gift.

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