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Graduation Crafts and Decorations to Make

Crafts for Graduation Parties, Gifts, and Decorations


Graduation Crafts and Decorations to Make

Graduation Crafts

Sherri Osborn
Graduation is a very special event in a child's life and also in the life of the parents and other adults in that child's life. Whether it is graduation from preschool, 6th grade, high school, or any other grade, it symbolizes a major accomplishment for that child.

Here are some creative ideas to help celebrate this special accomplishment. Try making these special graduation crafts for parties, gifts, and decorations.

These special graduation craft ideas would make great decorations or even special party favors.

  • Mini Graduation Cap - An easy craft for all ages. Made with an egg carton cup and a piece of cardboard!

  • Large Graduation Cap - This larger than life craft would even make a nice table centerpiece for a graduation party!

  • Graduation Centerpiece - See a picture of the centerpieces we used at my daughters high school graduation using flowers and photos.

  • Graduation Card Box - Follow these directions and you can make a fancy decoupaged box to collect graduation cards in at a graduation party or open house.

  • Printable Candy Bar Wrappers - Learn how to make personalized candy bars. I made these printable candy bar wrappers to use as table decorations and favors at my daughter's high school graduation open house.

  • More Graduation Decorations

For fast crafts and almost instant gifts, check out these fun and unique printables:

Why not make a personalized card congratulating a special graduate:

The printables above would all make fun gifts, and here are some more gift ideas sure to be a hit with anyone...

Here are a few more related ideas that are worthy of sharing...

Whether the graduate is completing preschool, high school, college, or anything in-between, I hope these creative ideas help with the celebration! If you want to be one of the first to know when more graduation and other craft projects are posted, take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter.

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