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Fire Truck Costume

Home-Made Halloween Costume Idea


Karla explains how to transform a large, cardboard box into a fire truck costume.

Materials Needed:

  • Paints (red, black, yellow, white)
  • Large rectangular box (large enough to fit over your child)
  • Some time (hardest supply to find!)
Cut a round hole in the middle top of the box. This will be for the child's head. Bottom can be cut out completely for legs.

From the sides, cut out two holes that are in line with the top hole. These will be for the arms. I attached two shoulder pads to inside of box to make it easier for a younger child to wear.

Next, find a picture of your son or daughters favorite firetruck and paint the sides, front and back to match it. We painted turn signals and brake lights on back. We also painted hoses, extinguishers, axes, and lots of bright buttons and levers on the side. On front we made lights, license plates, and word EMERGENCY. Be creative. The painting does take time but the end result was very cute.

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