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Pioneer Covered Wagon
Make this miniature version of a covered wagon driven by pioneers many years ago.

Materials Needed:

  • Pint Size Milk Carton
  • Construction Paper
  • Markers and/or Paint
  • 4 Bottle Caps or Lids from a Milk Jugs
  • Glue and/or Tape
Cut the milk carton in half as shown by the dotted, red lines below. Keep the half with the top point, and paint it brown (adding a bit of glue will help your paint adhere to the milk carton better). Set it aside to dry.


Paint the 4 bottle or milk caps black or brown to make the wheels for the wagon. You can also cut small circles from black or brown construction paper and glue them to the outside of the caps. If you don't have bottle or milk caps, try to find some big buttons, or anything else that is small and round; even small circles cut out of construction paper will work.

Cut a piece of white construction paper about 8 inches x 5 inches. Glue or tape it over the hole you cut in the milk carton to make the cover for your wagon.

Here is the tricky part... Glue the wheels into place! If you are using the bottle or milk caps they will be heavy and you will have to work to find a good position to lay your wagon until the wheels dry. You will want most of each wheel attached to the wagon body with very little hanging over the bottom edge. If you want, glue on the wheels for one side at a time and let it dry laying on the side.

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