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City Grown Fireplace Logs


Instructions for making your own logs out of newspaper, shared by Jerry Buerge.

Materials Needed:

  • Used Newspaper
  • Large Slicing-Size Kitchen Knife
  • Elmer's White Glue
  • Broom Stick


Note: Please be very careful when working with knives. Always use adult supervision!

Lay used newspaper sections opened to full single page size on a convenient flat working surface. (Consider doing this on a table)

Arrange to have all "folds" on the same side for convenience.

Use a knife to slit all folds to create a stack of single loose sheets.

Using a salvaged broom handle, positioned atop the pile of loose sheets. Wrap the top sheet as to tuck it's near end into the area being rolled.

Continue to roll that sheet around the broom handle by rolling it away from you until it has almost wrapped itself around the broom handle.

Return the broom handle with the paper rolled on it to the starting position and tuck the next sheet between the roll and the first sheet.

Continue this process until you have made a "log" of the desired diameter.

Finish by the addition of a few spots of glue to fasten the outer sheet.

Remove the broom handle form, by twisting it within the formed "log."

Kids like to use the colored sheets from the Sunday paper as the top cover sheet.

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