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Reader's Digest Angel

How to Make an Angel Out of a Magazine


How to Make a Reader's Digest Angel

How to Make a Reader's Digest Angel

Submitted by Lorielle Ludeman-Rutten
SusieQ shared these instructions for making an angel decoration using a Reader's Digest or similar magazine or catalog. You can make angels or make choir boys and girls, like the ones picture here that Lorielle made.

Materials Needed:

  • Reader's Digest (or similar sized magazine/catalog)
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Misc. Supplies (explained below)

Take a Reader's Digest magazine, or even a small paperback catalog, and open it up to the first page -- some people like to remove the front and back covers (that's a personal preference).

Take the upper right corner of a page, fold it down into the middle -- towards the inside seam -- so that there is straight edge from the inside edge of the top of the page to the middle of the page -- it should be a triangle shape.

Then take the side of the page and fold it in towards the middle of the book -- you should now have 2 folds on one page. Make sure that all folds are "crisp".

Continue until all the pages have been folded in this manner.

Glue the front and back pages together so that it forms a cone shape and "stands up". This becomes the 'body' of the angel, choir boy/girl, etc.

Spray paint the angel's body whatever color you want. Let dry for 24 hours.

Take a styrofoam ball and glue it to the top of the book -- this is the head. I recommend trying to put a 'skewer' into the styrofoam ball and putting a dab of glue on the end and pushing it into the center of the book.

For the hands, you could try a variety of things -- foam shapes, paper, etc -- glued to the page where you want the hands to be.

Decorate the head they way you like. Suggestions:
Hair - raffia, curly hair, wool, etc.
Eyes - wiggly eyes, foam cutouts, buttons, felt, etc.
Mouth - foam, felt, etc.
Nose -- felt, etc.
Neck -- I put a little bit of gather lace around the neck, hiding the styrofoam and top of book.

Other decorations -- put a prayer/song book in the hands, put a holly sprig near the neck or in the hair, etc.

The picture featured here was submitted by Lorielle Ludeman-Rutten. She explains, "I remember my mother making these when I was a kid, and wanted to keep the tradition going this year. I made this set for my piano teacher. He and his family loved them, and plan to keep them for a long time, and to pass them on to their children."

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