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Paper Mache Sculpture


Carolyn C. Engle explains how to turn a 10 cent yard sale figurine into a masterpiece worth a million!

Materials Needed:

  • Newspaper
  • Paper Mache Paste, purchased or use one of These Recipes
  • White Glue
  • Ceramic figure

Mixing the paper mache paste per the recipe chosen. Dilute it a little more and then add the white glue, a good healthy long squirt of it. Mix together so that it is soupy, like a thick broth. Set aside.

Tear the entire newspaper into one or two inch strips, making a large pile of strips beside your work place.

Using the statue or figurine, slide a strip of newspaper (tear them in half for convenience of project if you need to) through the paper mache paste and begin placing a 'new layer' of surface onto your figurine. Work gently, nudging the newspaper in place with thunbs and fingers. Put on two coats of newspaper and let dry.

Repeat as often as you like until you have built layers either all over the subject figurine, OR building only in chosen areas, altering the appearance of the original. You can change the shape of the object, or portions of the object making it now into YOUR original masterpiece. Let thoroughly dry, then paint it. When the painted surface is dry, spray clear coat over the art objects surface which seals against water or handling damage.

You now have a very inexpensive way to teach yourself how to sculpt! You could also turn this into an art shop project for sale.

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