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Making Shadow Puppets

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Making Shadow Puppets Books

Making Shadow Puppets Books

You may know how to make hand shadows on the wall or the side of a tent, but what is a traditional shadow puppet? Shadow puppets are flat figures held up and controlled by thin sticks attached to their bodies and limbs.
This book will help you create several fun shadow puppets. You can make a variety of animals and people that are easily recognized by their silhouettes. You can make snakes, birds, a horse, a jester, a fairy, and several other colorful puppets. There are also several creative suggestions for decorating the puppets; after all, who says shadows have to be boring!

Before you get started on making puppets, be sure to read through the helpful hints and material suggestions shared at the beginning of this book. You can also read through the interesting historical background information shared about shadow puppets.

Once you get your puppets made, you can make a box screen or a doorway screen and put on a show for all your friends and family. Use the suggestions shared about making props and scenery, and also check out the section with general information about putting on a play.

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