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How to Make a Sand Casting


How to Make a Sand Casting

How to Make a Sand Casting

Sherri osborn
While at the beach you can make this sand casting to instantly transform your beach findings into a work of art! If you want to try this craft and you are not going to a beach, simply get some sand from a nearby sandbox or even a local store and pour it into a large bowl or deep tray.

Materials Needed:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Sand
  • Large Paper Clip or Piece of Wire
  • Beach Treasures (shells, etc.)
  • Coffee Can
  • Paint Stir Stick or Other Disposable Utensil

Find a spot at the beach where the sand can be left undisturbed for at least an hour. Make a bowl-like hole in the sand about an inch deep. You may need to add a little bit of water so the sand sticks together. Next, press your beach treasures into the sand in the hole with the nicest side towards the sand.

Mix up a batch of Plaster of Paris in the coffee can following the manufacturer's directions. Carefully pour the plaster into the hole. You may want to slowly spoon the Plaster of Paris into the hole.

To make a hanger for the sand casting, stick the paper clip into the top side (determine this before you pour the Plaster of Paris) of the exposed Plaster of Paris after it has started to firm up just a little bit. You can also make a loop out of wire and stick half of it into the plaster.

Once the Plaster of Paris has dried you can dig out the sand casting. Brush off the extra sand and then gaze at this lovely decoration!

Another fun idea for this activity is to make a shallow hand print or footprint into the sand and pour in your Plaster of Paris.

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