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Snowman Sun Catcher Craft


Make a simple, see-through snowman. Submitted by Denise Brown.

Materials Needed:

  • Construction paper (white, black, red, orange, green and brown)
  • Con-Tact paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glue stick
  • Winter-theme sequins and/or glitter

Trace three circles onto white construction paper; small, medium and large. On largest circle, cut a round opening in the middle the size of the medium circle. Glue circles together to form a snowman.

Using the green construction paper, cut out two holly leaves and a scarf. With the black construction paper, cut out a hat and eyes. With the red construction paper, cut out five small circles to form the mouth and three small circles for the holly. With the brown construction paper, cut out branch-shaped arms. With the orange construction paper, cut out a carrot nose.

Use the glue and attach arms, scarf, face, hat and holly (on the hat) to snowman. Cut two circles from contact paper the size of the large circles. On the back of the snowman, attach one piece of contact paper so that the sticky side is on the front of the snowman. Flip snowman over and decorate 'window' with winter-theme sequins and/or glitter. Then cover window with second sheet of contact paper. Punch hole in top of hat and attach ribbon to hang.

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