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Tie-Dye Instructions

Follow These Step-by-Step Tie-Dye Instructions


Step-by-Step Tie-Dye Instructions

Step-by-Step Tie-Dye Instructions

Sherri Osborn
Here are some basic instructions for tie-dyeing along with some helpful hints and tips to help get you started.

  1. Before you dye your item, you should wash it to remove any sizing from the manufacturer or anything else that may have gotten on it.

  2. Decide what sort of design you want your finished project to have. For some tying ideas, check out the photos of our projects which include step-by-step tying directions.

  3. Lay your shirt or other item out flat first and then fold and tie it as desired.

  4. Cover your work area so the dye doesn't stain it. I covered ours by laying down a few large garbage bags and then put newspaper on top of that.

  5. Prepare your dye as directed by the manufacturer. You should carefully follow all instructions. While preparing the dye and dyeing your item, you should wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from staining and the hot water.

  6. Pre-treat your item if necessary. With some dyes you will have to soak it in soda ash and with others, like RIT, you simply need to dip it in hot water.

  7. Start dyeing! It is usually best to start with the lightest color if you are using more than one color. Rinse or wait between colors as directed by the manufacturer. Make sure to follow all directions carefully when it comes to dyeing and rinsing your items. Some dyes require you to rinse immediately and others require you to let the item sit for at least 24 hours.

  8. When your dyeing is complete, make sure to clean all containers immediately with hot water and soap.

  9. Be careful washing your tie-dyed items. Most should be washed in cold water. The first few times they are washed, they might bleed, so wash them with like colors or alone.

Again, the exact directions you follow will vary depending on what brand of dye you use. Read all instructions and precautions on the package carefully.

There is one thing you should remember while you tie-dye, no matter what brand of dye you use: Every tie-dyed item will turn out different no matter what technique and colors you use. Check out the step-by-step tying directions I have provided and have fun creating your own.

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