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Kaleidoscope Craft


Make this cool kaleidoscope using an empty film container, submitted by Connie.


  • Clear 35mm film container with lid
  • Mirrored paper board
  • Stiff clear plastic disk or plastic wrap
  • Flower shaped cake sprinkles or anything that would make a neat design for the kaleidoscope
  • Tape

Using a clear film container, drill a hole about a 1/4-inch in diameter in the bottom. This is the eye hole. Next, cut a piece of mirror board (can find at local craft store) 1 3/4-inches by 3-inches. Fold to make a triangle with the mirror side to the inside. Tape it to hold the triangle shape. Insert it inside the film container. Next, put about 6-7 sprinkles in the indention of the inside of the lid. Cover with a piece of stiff plastic the size of a quarter or plastic wrap will do also. Place the cylinder onto the lid and snap into place. Point it up into the light and turn. You will have to adjust the amount of sprinkles if they do not move or if there is not enough to make a good design inside the kaleidoscope. Experiment with different things to put into the kaleidoscope like confetti, small beads, colorful pieces of paper or crayon shavings. The possibilities are endless.

I used this as a project at my children's school for their Math and Science Fun Night. (K-4) We make 200 of them. It is easy enough for my pre-schooler too. I gathered the film containers from my local 1-hour film developing stores. They recycle these containers so they have plenty on hand.

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