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Noise Shaker


Instructions for making a small noise maker using empty film containers, shared by H. Marie.

Materials Needed:

  • Film Container
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Pony Bead
  • Glue
  • Rice (or other options from below)

Adult pokes a hole in the film container lid with a cutter or ice pick. Cut a piece of the curling ribbon about 12 inches long and feed one end thru the hole in the film container. Feed that end into a pony bead. The bead will not be seen once you close the lid; it's purpose is to hold the ribbon. Now feed that end of the ribbon back thru the hole. Now you have the lid with two ribbon ends on the outside of the lid. Add more pieces of contrasting/complimentary ribbon until you get the desired effect. Tie the ribbon into a knot so it is snug against the film container lid. Just as you'd do on a package, use the side of your scissor blade to curl the ribbon.

Once all your ribbon is added, fill the container half full with rice or whatever you want to use to make noise (beans, pennies, etc.). Hot glue the lid onto the container, and shake away! :)

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