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TP Reindeer Ornament Craft


Use these directions to create a fun reindeer ornament using a toilet tissue roll, shared by Carolyne.

Materials Needed:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • 1-2 sheets brown felt or construction paper
  • 2 pipe cleaners or two small twigs (for antlers)
  • 1/8-1/4 inch red pom pom
  • 1/8 inch white pom pom
  • 2 small wiggle eyes
  • Yarn for hanging (approx 12")
  • Glue
  • One section/cup cut from egg crate
  • Brown paint or felt pen

Cut construction paper or felt so it can wrap all the way around the toilet paper roll and tack in place with glue.

Paint or color egg crate brown.

Glue wiggle eyes and pom pom onto outside of egg crate on bottom to make a face.

Bend pipe cleaners into antler shapes or use twigs then glue onto top of face to make antlers.

Glue egg crate face on to one end of toilet paper roll with open end facing the roll and bottom face end facing out.

Cut four leg shapes out of construction paper or felt and glue strategically to bottom of roll to make legs.

Glue white pom pom on to top back of roll to make tail.

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