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Ice Cream Cone Ornament


Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Submitted by Lea Davis
Use these directions to create a simple Christmas tree ornament using a glass ball and an ice cream cone, shared by Kelley.

Materials Needed:

  • Cake or Sugar ice cream cones
  • Solid color Ball Ornaments big enough to sit on the cones
  • White acrylic paint that you can drizzle
  • Tiny glass beads
  • Glue or hot glue
  • Spray acrylic
  • Ribbon for hanging

I've done these with 3 year olds. Older kids can do more of the process themselves.

Holding the cone by the base, place glue all along the inside rim of the cone. Have the child place the ball ornament on the cone with the hanging part straight up.

When that is dry (that's why hot glue works great), either you or the child can drizzle some white paint on the top of the ball. While it is still wet, have the child sprinkle glass beads on for 'sprinkles.' Let it dry thoroughly (overnight).

Lightly spray the cone part with acrylic (don't get too close with the acrylic can while you are spraying or it may melt the cone) to seal it. Tie a colorful ribbon through the loop and you're ready to give these as gifts or hang them on the tree!

Note: Use a sharpie to write the child's name and year on the base before you spray the acrylic.

I saw these several years ago in a preschool classroom and have been making them since. Everyone who sees these RAVES over them. They are one of the few crafts that can be done by the younger set that are also saleable for Christmas fairs and fundraisers. Let's face it, we'll all put our kids' crafts on OUR trees, but would a stranger buy them? They will buy these!

- See a photo of this craft completed by Lea Davis.

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