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Small Winter Wreath Craft


Make this neat decoration shared by Janet Wildeboer.

Materials Needed:

  • Small grapevine wreath
  • Ribbon to wrap around wreath
  • Small red birds
  • Small branches that are sprayed white
  • Cotton balls
  • White craft foam
  • Wire

Wrap the ribbon around the wreath and glue the ends.

Push in a few branches (paint if you want them white).

Pull cotton balls to stick to wreath.

Glue on bird. Some birds come with wire so you may just wrap on.

Using the craft foam, cut out a large snow flake. Place on the back of the wreath.

Push wire though the form and around the wreath, and back though the form. Twist, and a loop, twist. Hang on the door.

"I made this project with a group at a nursing home a few weeks ago. When working with groups, it always go best to have your supplies ready to go. I traced a snow flake onto the foam before class. Ready made wreath, and the bird along with the ribbon can be passed out to each person. I find the ribbon is easier to hit with hot glue quick for them."

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