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The Letter Z
Learn or teach the alphabet using these fun ideas. Find fun games, crafts, stories, and other educational activities all related to the letter Z.

letter Z alphabet activities
Hi, my name is Zara.
I am here to help you learn
about the letter Z!
Z is for a Zebra, my favorite animal at the Zoo.

Check out all my fun ideas below.

Special Z Projects
Just for you!

Coloring - Collage Pages

Print Capital Z and
Lower-Case z

Make an ...

Zzz Groundhog

How Many blue Letter Z's can you find on this page?

Z Is For...

  • zebra
  • zero
  • zipper

More Z Activities and Resources

  • Ziploc Rainbows - Squirt a few different colors of paint into a ziploc bag. Seal the bag and love the paint around by running your finger over the bag or squoosh it around if you choose.
  • Go for a walk and see how many zeros you can find.
  • Make crayon rubbing of a zipper.
  • Go on a trip to the zoo.
  • Z Collage Picture - Print out or draw a letter Z. Paint glue inside the Z and cover with zigzag lines. Can you think of other things that start with an Z that you can add to your picture.
  • Make a Letter Z beaded safety pin.
  • Z Dictionary Page for Kids - Find many words that begin with the letter Z.

Quick Alphabet Crafts
And Activity Ideas

  • Have a bowl of Alphabits cereal for breakfast, or how about some letter-shaped pancakes.
  • Make letters out of homemade clay.
  • Do an alphabet crayon rubbing using letters cut out of sandpaper.
  • Cut out felt letters to use is any of the shared crafts just for a little variety.
  • Gather a few kids together and see how many letter shapes they can make with their whole bodies.
  • Lunch time? Have alphabet soup and Jello jigglers cut into alphabet shapes.
  • Fingerpaint your letters... Instead of finder paint, why not try using pudding or shaving cream?
  • Go for a walk and look for things that start with whatever letter you are studying.
  • See how long of a sentance you can make using as many words that start with the letter as possible.
  • Decorate your sidewalk with the alphabet by using sidewalk chalk!
  • Snack Time? Why not make alphabet shaped sugar cookies!
  • practice the alphabet in a sandbox. Use a stick to write letters. No sandbox? Fill a dishpan with sand.
  • See how many letters you can form by using a pipecleaner.

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