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Tomato cage Christmas Trees
Mable Wilson explains how to decorate tomato cages so they look like little Christmas trees. A nice holiday decoration!

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Tomato plant cage
  • Wire
  • 2 Evergreen garlands (9 foot)
  • 1 50-light strand
  • Christmas tree decorations


1. Turn cage upright with the 3 prongs on top.

2. Wrap a wire around the prongs to secure, it now should look like a wire teepee.

3. You can add additional wire between the circled rungs of the tomato cage to help hold the garland.

4. Wrap and secure ("I used small amount of green flower wire to secure each section") garland around the cage and shape it until it resembles an artifical tree.

5. Add the lights and decorations to your miniature Christmas tree.

Optional - you can affix your tree to any kind of stand,column or flower pot for height.

"I have two grand-daughters and I use these trees to make for each of them according to what they like, ie horses, babies. I also have dogs and I make them a bone tree. I have two outside for the porch, and I also have one for the kitchen (decorated with kitchen accessories, of course). Use your imagination, the possibilites are just your creativity away."

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