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Pack Your Mom Lunch Day
This special Day information was shared by James.

The event is called "Pack Your Mom Lunch Day." It is being coordinated by Betty Crocker and some Boys and Girls Clubs in both Chicago and Philadelphia, although there is a 1-800 number for others around the nation to call to receive a brochure.

Basically, the event uses crafts and activities to promote wholesome lunches and maybe bring some light-heartedness to working parents who might otherwise skip lunch.

The projects include making and decorating lunch bags (can use plain paper bags, crayons, markers); making things to put into the bags (cutouts, poems, essays or just putting in items from school such as papers with good grades); and then finding an easy ready-to-make meal (Betty Crocker is providing the clubs with Bowl Appetits) to put into the bags. Then the children give their parents the lunch the next morning before taking off to school.

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