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How to Make Puppets - Family Crafts - About.com
Puppets are a great tool everyone can use to stretch their imagination. Puppets can be made using any supplies you like. You can experiment with socks, gloves  ...
Puppet Crafts for Kids - How to Make Your Own Puppets
Learn how to make a variety of different puppets using a variety of different supplies.
Toilet Paper Roll Puppet Craft - Family Crafts - About.com
Read through this tutorial and learn how you can create a large variety of puppets using little more that empty toilet paper rolls and some basic craft supplies.
How to Make Shadow Puppets Video
In this video learn how to make a number of different shadow puppets, to entertain your kids!
Finger Puppets - How to Make Felt Finger Puppets Video
Character toys make a child's imagination flourish. Learn how to make some basic felt finger puppets that you can adapt to any character you want.
Make Sock Puppets - How-to Videos - About.com
Want to learn how to make sock puppets that you can use to entertain friends and family? Here, see helpful instructions for how to make sock puppets at home.
Cardboard Roll Puppet - How-to Videos - About.com
Transcript:How to Make a Cardboard Roll Puppet. Hi, I'm Kaytie Sproul, here for About.com, and today I'm going to show you how to make puppets out of ...
Halloween Craft: Bat Finger Puppets - Latter-day Saints - About.com
When I was a kid I remember making these cute bat finger puppets for a Halloween craft at an activity. They're so easy for kids to make and when you move your ...
Czech Puppets - Marionettes from Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has a long tradition of puppet-making. Learn about the history of Czech marionettes and why puppets are important to Czech culture.
Puppet Crafts With Household Items - How to Make ... - How-to Videos
Embellish the rest of the bag as you see fit and get ready to entertain your friends and family. Paper plates are yet another fantastic canvas for creating puppets.
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