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Valentine's Day Crafts and Activities - Family Crafts - About.com
Find many fun crafts, games, gift ideas, recipes, and other activities to help you celebrate Saint Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day Projects - Family Crafts - About.com
Browse through these instructions to make a variety of Valentine's Day related ... ideas, recipes, and other activities to help you celebrate Saint Valentine's Day.
Make Valentine's Day Cards - Family Crafts - About.com
Print out and make personalized gift cards for your next Saint Valentine's Day party or other Valentine's Day event! They are easy to print and make, and they are ...
The History of Valentine's Day - Inventors - About.com
The Christians had come to celebrate February 14 as the saint day that celebrated the ... Valentine's Day Candy · Photo Gallery: Valentine & Greeting Cards ...
Saint Valentine's Day in France - France Travel - About.com
Saint Valentine's Day and romantic France go hand in hand, though England has a role to play in establishing the connection of Saint Valentine with love.
The Origins of Valentine's Day - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The origins of Valentine's Day may be a bit disappointing. Valentine's Day is probably named for a saint. Its transformation into a love-fest seems to have been  ...
Valentine's Day: Pagan Holiday or Christian Holiday?
Valentine's Day as a Pagan Holiday: Isn't Valentine's Day a Christian day, named after a Christian saint? When we consider the matter more closely, we don't ...
Saint Valentine: Christian Martyr & the Basis for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day, a popular secular and commercial holiday, was originally a Christian feast day celebrating the martyrdom of a Christian saint named Valentine.
What To Do For St. Valentine's Day - Dating - About.com
Whether single or dating, here are tons of ideas for what to do on St. Valentine's Day.
Ireland on Valentine's Day - Ireland Travel - About.com
How to say "Be my Valentine" in Ireland - and be a success. Some Irish ideas for Saint Valentine's Day.
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