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Family Crafts - By Category

Crafts by Age
When you are looking for crafts for your children, start out by browsing through these collections and then search the rest of the Family Crafts site.

Holiday Crafts and Activities
Use these free craft and activity resources to help you plan your holiday, seasonal, birthday, and other celebrations.

Crafts by Material Used
Browse through collections of crafts sorted by the products used to make the project. This does not include basic craft products such as paper, crayons, glue, etc.

Crafts by Technique
Check out each craft type listed and find free craft patterns, projects, plus kits and books.

Crafts by Theme
Discover a wide variety of craft projects, all sorted by theme! Make everything from Angels to Zoo Animals!

Craft How-Tos and Lessons
If you are new to crafting or just want to learn how to do a new technique or use a specific medium, check out these educational how-to's and tutorials.

Snack and Craft Recipes
Use these free recipes to make clay, craft supplies, and creative snacks. Fun craft and snack recipes for the whole family.

Educational Crafts
Not only are these creative activities fun, they also teach lessons! Hopefully you will find an educational craft here to suit all of your needs.

Eco-Friendly Crafts
These crafts are eco-friendly and can be made using recyclable materials.

Crafts as Gifts
Create gifts to give to friends, family members, teachers, or pastors.

Crafting Tips
Read all these great craft related tips and tricks shared by visitors just like you. You can even share your own tip to be posted here.

Crafting for Charity
Why not use your creativity to make someone's life a little better. Most of these organizations accept completed projects and/or craft supplies. Some of these charities serve mainly their local areas, but you may be able to find or start something similar in your area; also remember to check your local hospitals, shelters, ect to see what they need. A great lesson to teach kids!

Gifts, Wraps, and Cards to Make
Fun, homemade gift giving ideas along with suggestions for home-made wrapping paper and cards.

Coloring Pages and Printable Projects
You can be creative simply by using your computer and printer to make fun crafts and coloring books. Use these resources to print out your own coloring pages, paper dolls, games, calendars, and more!

Holiday Crafts
Children can create crafts to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

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