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Dr Seuss Baby Shower Printable Advice Cards


Free, Printable Baby Shower Advice Cards
Dr Seuss Baby Shower Printable Advice Cards

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Printable Advice Cards

I created these advice cards for the guest's to fill out at my daughter's Dr. Seuss themed baby shower.

Guests were first asked to make a guess as to the date and time the baby would be born along with what they think they weight and length would be. This was just for fun and bragging rights, there was no prize offered. My daughter entered all of the guesses in a Google calendar so everyone could keep track of the guesses.

They are then asked to write a piece of advice to the mommy-to-be on the bottom of the card. If people didn't have a word of advice (mainly because they didn't have children :-) they just wrote some encouraging words. My daughter really enjoyed reading all of these.

You can save either the JPG version or PDF version of this advice card. I have it set up so that 2 advice cards print out on each page. Right click on your desired version here and then save it to your computer:

For best results, follow directions in this article for saving and printing this page.

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