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How to Make a Diaper Cake


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Ideas for Decorating Your Diaper Cake
Ideas for Decorating a Diaper Cake

Ideas for Decorating a Diaper Cake

Sherri Osborn
The funnest part of making a diaper cake is decorating the diaper cake! My daughter's baby shower had a Dr. Seuss theme so I used that theme to decorate the diaper cake. Besides baby care items, I found specific Dr. Seuss items to decorate this diaper cake.

The colors and themes used may be different but the main thing you need is ribbon that is at least 2-inches wide, a hot glue gun, and safety pins. Wrap pieces of ribbon around each layer of the diaper cake. Not only will this add some fun color to the diaper cake, it will cover all of the rubber bands/twine.

We used the diaper cake I made as a baby shower game. The diaper cake was decorated with a variety of baby items. Some were stuck in between the diapers, some were pinned around the the ribbon (I tied a smaller ribbon bow around the item and used a safety pin to attach it to the diaper cake), and some even replaced diapers in the cake (carefully slip out one diaper and slip in the item such as a rolled bib, baby bottle, etc.).

To play the game, make sure the diaper cake is proudly displayed at the shower. We placed ours on the gift table that everyone walked by. We played the diaper cake game after the other games and just before eating. First, I covered the entire diaper cake with a Dr. Seuss receiving blanket. I had all the guests write numbers 1 - 30 on a blank piece of paper. They then had 5 minutes to write down 30 baby related items used on the diaper cake. The person who got the most correct won a prize!

Here are the 30 items I used on the diaper cake game:

I hope your baby shower guests and mommy-of-honor enjoy this Dr. Seuss diaper cake and diaper cake game as much as mine did.

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