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How to Plan a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower


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Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Decorations
Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Decorations

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Decorations

Sherri Osborn
We had the baby shower in the party room at a restaurant so there was not a lot of decorating we could do. I ordered Dr. Seuss related table clothes, plates, and napkins (compare prices). I also ordered Dr. Seuss baby shower themed thank you cards and some Dr. Seuss cut-outs (compare prices). There were two different kinds of cut-outs: one of the designs featured different colored fish and the other looked like the Cat-In-The-Hat's hat. We scattered the fish around the room and the we actually used the back of the hats for one of the baby shower games.

I made a few things that served double duty:

  • Dr. Seuss Fish Bowl Party Favor Tutorial
    These miniature fish bowls were a huge hit and they really dressed up the tables! They were very easy to make and all of the party guests were very excited to be able to take one home with them.

  • Dr. Seuss Diaper Cake Tutorial
    Diaper cakes are popular baby shower gifts. I made one using a variety of Dr. Seuss related items plus several other baby supplies. Not only did my daughter appreciate the gift of getting all of the baby items (and the 80 diapers!), this project doubled as a fun decoration, and tripled as a baby shower game!

  • Dr. Seuss Buckets
    I made these buckets using this Make Life Fun Pattern by Sweetwater. I actually made them for my daughter to use for storage in my granddaughter's room, but we brought them along to the baby shower and used placed one in the center of each table to dress them up and to use to collect advice cards and thank you card envelopes.

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