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How to Plan a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower


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Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Games
Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Games

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Games

Sherri Osborn
When guests arrived at the shower, they found each place set with not only a fish bowl party favor, but also with some items they needed for playing games along with an advice card and a blank thank you card envelope. They were asked to write their name and mailing address on the front of the envelope and the envelopes were placed in the Dr. Seuss Buckets along with the filled-in advice cards. Once all of the games were over, we drew envelopes out of the buckets and gave away the last couple of prizes.

I planned 3 games and they all went over pretty well:

  • Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Printable Advice Cards
    Everyone was given one of these at the beginning of the shower. Not only were they asked to write a word of advice, but there were also spots for them to guess the date of birth, time of birth, weight, and length of the baby.

  • Dr. Seuss Printable Trivia Game
    I found some wonderful sources of Dr. Seuss trivia online and compiled a list of lines from a variety of books. I omitted one word from the line and the baby shower guests needed to guess the word and fill in the blank. I thought this game would be a little easier than what it turned out to be, but everyone enjoyed it.

  • Ultrasound Game
    While I was searching for ideas for baby shower games, I came across this unique game. IN a nutshell, there are 12 game cards featuring ultrasound pictures of different baby body parts and guests have to try to guess each part. This game also came with 25 word lists/answer pages.

  • Dr. Seuss Diaper Cake Shower Game
    As I mentioned previously, I made a diaper cake to not only serve as a decoration, but also as a game. The diaper cake was displayed at the gift table for all to see until it was time to play this game. I then covered the cake with a receiving blanket and everyone had to try to write down all 30 baby related items that could be found on the diaper cake.

I brought a dozen small prizes to give to that game winners. I placed each prize in a red, paper lunch bag. I printed out some small graphics of different Dr. Seuss characters, cut them out, and then used Glue Dots (compare prices) to attach one to each bag.

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