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Free Letters and Alphabet Projects


What better way to help kids learn the letters of the alphabet than by making the learning fun. All of these crafts and activities will help them recognize and master every letter of the alphabet and they won't even suspect that they are learning something while they create.

I hope you enjoy all of these crafts and activities. If you make any of these, make sure you send in a photo to be included in this collection. You can also get your crafts published.

Alphabet Bead Patterns

Letters of the Alphabet Bead Patterns
Download these patterns and you can make a beaded pin for every letter of the alphabet. You can spell out a person's name, the name of your school, or anything else.

Alphabet Pictures to Color

Alphabet Pictures to Color
You can download, print, and color each letter of the alphabet. You can use them as patterns for other projects or create your own coloring book.

Alphabet Blocks Craft

Alphabet Blocks Craft
You can download and print out this free template and design your own paper alphabet blocks.

Alphabet Collage Book

Alphabet Collage Book Craft
These instructions will inspire you to make an fun alphabet collage book. Make a page for every letter of the alphabet or spell out a word.

Alphabet Lacing Cards

Alphabet Lacing Cards Craft
I provide directions and even printable templates to help you make your own educational lacing cards.

Alphabet Rocks

Alphabet Crafts
Follow these directions and learn how to use rocks and paint to create an alphabet that you can use to spell out words or play a game.

Alphabet Soup Picture

Alphabet Soup Picture Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how your kids can make a fun picture using alphabet cereal or noodles.

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets Craft
This project sheet will instruct you how to craft a set of refrigerator magnets using craft foam. This how to video also shows you a way to make your own refrigerator magnets.

Fabric Covered Wooden Letters

Fabric Covered Wooden Letter Craft
Follow these instructions, shared by a visitor named Marie, and you can craft fancy fabric letters you can use to decorate.

Homemade Alphabet Color Book

Homemade Alphabet Color Book
Follow along with this how-to video and you can make an alphabet coloring book.

Letter Cut Out Craft

Letter Cut Out Craft
Follow the steps shared in this how-to video and you will discover how to make fun alphabet letter cut out crafts.

Plastic Egg ABC and 123 Game

Plastic Egg ABC and 123 Game
Gather up 26 plastic eggs, along with the same number of ping pong balls, and then learn how to make this fun game.
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