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Choosing a Collage Glue

How to Choose the Glue for Your Collage Project


Collage Glues

Collage Glues

The glue you choose to use for your collage project will depend on what items you are using. In some instances, you might use a couple different kinds of glue in your collage.

If you are strictly using paper to make your collage, you might want to use a simple glue stick. This is usually the easiest product for children to use and can be easily found at not only craft stores but at just about any other store you can think of. The main problem you might run into with a glue stick is that it can get thick and bumpy and cause your paper not to lay perfectly flat. It is also sometimes hard to get to the edges of your paper.

My favorite glue when it comes to working with paper is Zip Dry glue. I use this glue almost exclusively for any paper projects I am working on. It is fast drying, dries clear, and claims to never wrinkle or warp paper. In my experiences with this adhesive, these statements are all true.

Another popular adhesive choice for making a collage is decoupage medium. This is an all-in-one gluing and sealing product. You use it to glue down your items and then also use it for a sealer simply by spreading it over the entire finished project. I usually keep Mod Podge and/or Collage Pauge in my craft cupboard. I have used this adhesive successfully with both paper and fabric.

If you are making a collage with heavier items, you will want to use a thicker craft glue. This is another glue I keep in my craft cupboard. I would suggest not using this glue with paper. I can cause the paper to warp.

Once you have selected the appropriate glue and the items you want to collage with, you can start making your masterpiece.

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