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A Variety of Free Collage Craft Projects You Can Try


For the most part, collage is more a matter of experimenting with different mediums, colors, and images than following step-by-step directions; however, the ideas shared here will get you started. The more you play around with making collages, the more ideas you will get. There is now right or wrong way to do it; in fact, one of the nice things about this art form is that if you don't like the way something looks, you can simply glue another item on top of it.

Pick a Color Collage

Pick a Color Collage Idea
You can use your favorite color as inspiration to make a collage. Start out by making a collage using one color, and then try making one using two colors. How about choose your school colors or the colors your favorite sports team wears?

Photo Collage

Photo Collage Idea
Photos are fun to use in a collage project. You can make one huge collage using photos of everyone you know, or make several little collages, one for each person. There are many possibilities.

Favorite Things Collage

Favorite Things Collage Idea
If you want to make a collage but you're not sure what to use, consider making something that is related to something you love. Use photos, pictures cut from magazines, or pictures from other sources.

Four Seasons Collage

Four Seasons Collage
Choose your favorite season or make a collage that features items from all four seasons. Page through magazines and catalogs and cut out items you associate with each season.

Favorite Places Collage

Favorite Places Collage Craft
Not only can you make a collage featuring pictures, postcards, and other items related to favorite places you have been, you can also make collages related to places you would like to go.

Alphabet Soup Collage

Alphabet Soup Collage Picture
You can make this fun collage using real noodles or alphabet cereal, or you can use letters cut out of magazines and catalogs.

Sun Catcher Collage

Sun Catcher Collage
Discover how easy it is to make a collage using clear Con-Tact paper and a variety of flat items suck as scraps of paper, fabric, and ribbon.

Pizza Collage

Pizza Collage Craft
Sherri Osborn
Use a paper bag and scraps of colored paper to make this tasty looking collage.

Leaf Collage Picture

Leaf Collage Picture
Use leaves that you collect when you go out for a walk to make a unique collage.

3-Dimensional Numbers Collage

3-Dimensional Numbers Collage
While most collages are made using flat items, this one is made using items with some texture so kids can run their hands over the different items and count them.
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