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Animal Bingo Game Cards


Free Printable Animal Bingo Cards
Free Printable Animal Bingo Cards

Free Printable Animal Bingo Cards

Sherri Osborn
You can make this animal bingo game to play at a birthday party, in a classroom, or with any group gathering. You can use the colored pictures, the black and white pictures, or both.

Start out by downloading your preferred version(s) of the game cards (below). Give a blank game card and the page of pictures to each player. Have them cut out the pictures and glue one onto each square of their game card. If you want, let them leave the middle square blank to use as a free space.

Make sure you print out an extra page of pictures. Have the person who is going to be the caller cut them all out and place them in a bucket or bowl. When the players and the caller have all their game pieces ready, you are ready to play bingo.

To play, the caller starts out by picking one picture out of the bucket or bowl without looking. The should tell everyone what it is and show them the picture. If a player has that picture on their card, they should cover it with a scrap piece of paper or even a bean.

Continue this until someone is able to cover 5 pictures in a row and calls out BINGO. That person is the winner and you can then start another game; or, if you prefer, continue playing until someone gets a double bingo or a full card.

See and download the black and white and colored versions of the animal bingo cards and bingo game pictures:

I hope you enjoy playing animal bingo. If you are looking for related ideas, check out my other printable bingo games.

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