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Bead Crafts

Browse through a collection of craft projects made using beads.
Alligator Clip-On
Instructions to make an alligator out of a clothespin, beads, and a few other supplies.
Apple Necklace
Make an apple-shaped necklace using a pom-pom.
Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps
Make a fashion statement for your pen or pencil using wire and beads.
Bean Bag Toy Necklace
Instructions to make a necklace for favorite bean bag toy or other stuffed animal.
Bottle Cap Brooch
Instructions to make a unique brooch using a bottle cap, submitted by Christina Panczyk.
Butterfree Pokemon Craft
Instructions to make a Pokemon Butterfree character craft.
CD Dreamcatchers
Find out how to make a unique dreamcatcher using old CDs, submitted by Maureen Gilbert.
Christmas Spider
Make a Christmas Spider tree ornament and read the story behind it.
Dangling Bead Pencil
Decorate a pencil using ribbon and beads. Make them in your favorite colors, your school colors, and many other designs!
Egg Carton Octopus
Find out how to create this fun octopus using egg carton cups and a few other supplies.
Egg Carton Star Fish
Find out how to create this fun Star Fish using egg carton cups and a few other supplies.
Fairy Dust Necklace
You can try to capture a little bit of the mystical charm of fairies by making one of these fun necklaces. Make one for yourself and then make someone special smile when you present them with a special fairy dust necklace.
Maple Leaf Necklace
Instructions for making a maple leaf charm necklace. Perfect for an Autumn or Canada Day celebration.
Mini Ice Cream Float Craft
Make this mini ice cream float using pom-poms and a plastic lid.
Native American Leg Rattle
Find out how you can make a neat leg rattle.
Noise Shaker
Instructions for making a small noise maker using empty film containers, shared by H. Marie.
Paper Clip Bracelet
Judith Reed explains how to make a simple bracelet using paper clips and beads.
Pine Cone Snow People
Special thanks to H Marie for inspiring this idea!
Poinsetta Pin
Patty explains how to use scraps of felt to create simple jewelry.
Poliwag Pokemon
Instructions to make the Pokemon Poliwag character using old CDs.
Pumpkin Magnet
Make a small pumpkin refridgerator magnet.
Pumpkin Necklace
Instructions for making a cute, pumpkin-shaped necklace.
Pumpkin Pencil Topper
Find out how to make a halloween pumpkin pencil topper craft. A great classroom treat idea!
Santa Necklace
Instructions to make a fun Christmas necklace using pom-poms, felt, and a bead.
Shoulder Pad Bat
Karen explains how you can create a bat by recycling a shoulder pad.
Simple Beaded Bracelet
Instructions to make simple jewelry using beads.
Simple Bead Ornament
Instructions to make simple Christmas tree ornaments using beads and pipe cleaners.
Sock Snowman
Make a snowman out of a sock - Submitted by H. Marie. An easy projects with fantastic results!
Spider Mobile
Make a fun halloween mobile craft beads, chenille stems, and a few other supplies.
Texas Snowman
Make this comical craft shared by Angel.
Weedle Pokemon
Instructions to make a Pokemon Weedle character using beads.
Who Jing-Tinglers
Make a Grinch craft! Create a Jing-Tingler just like those the Who children wear to make noise.

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