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Sunday School Coloring Pages

Free Printable Sunday School Coloring Pages


If you are looking for a fun activity for Sunday school or VBS, check out these Sunday school coloring pages. Find a variety of bible related coloring pages you can print out and use for any occasion.

Angel Coloring Page

Angel Sunday School Coloring Page
This wonderful angel is just waiting for you to print her out and color her in.

Cheerful Angel Coloring Page

Cheerful Angel Color Page
I don't think anyone could look at this angel picture and not smile. Print her out and color her in to give to someone who needs some cheering up.

Church and Cross Coloring Page

Church and Cross Color Page
Print out this picture and color the cross and church your favorite colors.

Church Coloring Page

Church Coloring Page
Download this simple church to use as a coloring book page or also as a pattern for another craft project.

Cross Coloring Page

Cross Coloring Page
You can color this cross one color or use several different colors to make it extra fancy.

Girl Saying a Prayer Coloring Page

Girl Saying a Prayer Coloring Page
This little girls is saying her bed time prayers, Colo her in and bring her to bed so she can listen to you say yours.

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Page

Jesus Loves Me
Print out this simple heart and color it in to make an important statement.

Lions Walking Onto The Ark Coloring Page

Lions Walking Onto The Ark
Enjoy this picture of Noah welcoming a pair of lions onto the ark.

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus Coloring Page

Baby Jesus Sunday School Coloring Page
I love this detailed picture of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, and I hope you will too.

Nativity Outline Coloring Page

Nativity Outline Coloring Page
You can print out this nativity outline and add your own details or you can use it as a template for another project.
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