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How to Make Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, and More Bird Crafts


How to Make Bird Feeders and Bird Houses

Bird Crafts

Why not make some bird crafts? Birds are mysterious creatures. Have you ever just sat and watched them fly around or listened to them sing their beautiful songs? Have you ever wondered how they can fly, or why they fly South for the Winter?

In honor of our fine feathered friends, I thought I would share some bird related craft projects.

Bird Feeders

If you want to attract more birds to your yard, you should try making bird feeders. Different kinds of birds prefer different kinds of feeders and different kinds of seed.

Bird Houses

We all know that most birds call a nest home. Although a bird probably wouldn't use a nest you make, you can make them as decorations and keepsakes. I would suggest making bird houses to attract real birds.

Bird Baths

While birds don't need a fancy bird bath to clean themselves, why not let them bath in style by creating one or more of these bird baths.


Making Birds

Here are some more ideas for making birds to decorate your house, and even directions for making binoculars to watch the birds!

More Bird Crafts and Resources

If you want to explore even more bird crafts and resources, check out these pages.

I hope you enjoy all of these bird crafts and activities. If you make any of these crafts, make sure you send in a photo to be included in this collection. You can also get your bird crafts published. If you want to be one of the first to know when new craft projects are posted, take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter and you can also chat about crafts with others in the Family Crafts Forum.

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