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Homemade Birthday Party Favors and Noise Makers

How to Make Birthday Party Supplies


Homemade Birthday Party Favors and Noise Makers

Homemade Birthday Party Favors and Noise Makers

Discover how you can save money on birthday party supplies by making your own. I am happy to share this collection of crafts you can make and use as birthday party favors and also fun noise makers. The crafts shared here are for basic party supplies that can be modified or decorated to fit your theme.

Birthday Party Favors

Personalize one or more of these crafts to create your own birthday party favor holders. Decorate them using your party's theme or colors.

  • Fortune Cookie Craft
    If you made a larger version of this fortune cookie craft, it would make a fun birthday party favor.

  • Mini Basket
    While these instructions are for making a miniature May Day basket, but you can easily decorate them to suit your party theme.

  • Paper Bag Pinata
    If you use a small, paper lunch bag to make a miniature pinata, it would make a nice party favor bag.

  • Party Poppers
    Make this easy party favor craft using a toilet paper roll, tissue paper, and a few other supplies.

  • Pringles Treat Container
    Follow the directions shared here to transform a potato chip container into a favor holder.

  • Printable Birthday Party Favor Bag
    Here are several printable templates so you can make your own favor bags for your next birthday party.

  • Printable Birthday Party Favor Boxes
    Here are several printable templates so you can make your own miniature boxes to use for party favors.

  • Wishing Well
    Instructions for making a miniature wishing well using a tin can and popsicle sticks.

Birthday Party Noise Makers

Not only will these noise makers make fun party supplies, they can also be used as a birthday party activity.

    Finger Cymbals
    Make these fun, little finger cymbals out of jar lids, elastic, and a few other supplies.

  • Instant Noise Maker
    Follow these directions to make a fast and simple noise maker using a bottle, rice, and a few other supplies.

  • Noise Shaker
    These mini noise makers are made from empty film containers or pill bottles.

  • Paper Plate Noise Maker
    This fun noise maker, made with one paper plate, is a perfect addition to a party.

  • Paper Plate Tambourine
    For this noise maker, you need two paper plates, a handful of beans, and a stapler.

I hope the crafts here help you with your party planning. If you don't find what you want, post a request on the Family Crafts forum and I will see what I can find. If you make any of these crafts, make sure you send in a photo to be included in this collection. You can also get your crafts published.
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