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Creative Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas for Crafts, Activities, Themes, Printables, More


Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas

The creative birthday party ideas, tips, and projects shared here will not only help you save money but also time. You will find everything from printable birthday party invitations and party supplies to craft and activity ideas for many popular birthday party themes.

  • Birthday Party Theme Crafts - When you are planning a birthday party, one of the easiest ways to get started is to pick a theme. Once you do this, everything else is easier.

  • Homemade Party Favors and Noise Makers - You don't have to spend a lot of money to spice up your next party. Try these fast, fun, and frugal projects. Plus, they can double as a party craft if you do them during the party.

  • Birthday Party Planning Books - These great books will help you with every aspect of planning and throwing a fun and successful birthday party.

  • How to Make a Pinata - Why not learn how to make a pinata for the next birthday party you throw. You can make them any shape, size, and style you want.

  • Birthday Party Printables - Print out and use all or some of these printable birthday party supplies and decorations. Find everything from invitations to party hats. You can even design your own.

  • Birthday Coloring Pages - You can create your own birthday coloring book or use these coloring pages as a party activity. You can also use these pictures as patterns.

  • Printable Bingo Cards - These free bingo cards make both a fun birthday party craft and game. You can choose from several different themes and styles.

  • Birthday Designs Safety Pins - Find a collection of bead patterns you can download and use to create fun birthday themed jewelry. These make fun birthday gifts and fun birthday party activities.

  • Face Painting - A fun activity to offer at birthday parties is face painting! Check out all of these ideas and recipes.

  • Home-Made Gifts - Find ideas for homemade gifts to make for all your family and friends. These not only make great birthday gifts but also make fun birthday party favors.

  • Cupcake Crafts - What better projects to make at birthdays than cupcake-themed crafts!?!

  • Little Kid Birthday Cakes Gallery - Check out this wonderful collection of photos of homemade birthday cakes.

  • Birthday Cakes for children's Parties - A nice collection of ideas and resources for kids' birthday party cakes.

  • Teen Birthday Party Games - If your are throwing a teen birthday party, here are some fun games to play with groups.

  • Kids' Birthday Party Games and Activities - Here is a nice collection of birthday party games and activities.

I hope you find crafts and activities here to help you with all of your birthday party planning. If you don't find what you want, post a request on the Family Crafts forum and I will see what I can find. Also, if you have a fun birthday idea to share, take a moment to submit it using this simple form.

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