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How to Make Bookmarks

Instructions for Making a Variety of Bookmarks


Enjoy learning how to make these bookmarks and then try designing your own. Use a variety of craft supplies or even recyclables. Use your favorite book as a theme or use pictures of your favorite people or pets. If you design your own bookmark, don't forget to submit it to be published here.

Apple Bookmark

Apple Bookmark Craft
Check out this fun craft project, submitted by a visitor, and learn how to make a cute bookmark that features an apple.

Birds of a Feather Bookmark

Birds of a Feather Bookmark Craft
Pull out a craft stick, a feather, and a few other supplies and you can make a cute bookmark that looks like a bird.

Book Worm Bookmark

Book Worm Bookmark Craft
Use circles to create this adorable bookmark that looks like a book worm.

Con-Tact Paper Bookmark

Con-Tact Paper Bookmark Craft
This colorful bookmark is made using some clear Con-Tact paper and some basic craft supplies.

Customized Bookmark

Customized Bookmark
Check out this fun craft video and learn how to craft your own personalized bookmark.

Peek-a-Boo Mouse Bookmark

Peek-a-Boo Mouse Bookmark Craft
Create a cute bookmark using a chenille stem and a few pom-poms. YOu can make a mouse or any other creature you want.
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