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How to Make Crafts Using Bottle Caps


I hope you enjoy browsing through this list of bottle cap crafts. You will find many creative ways to recycle your bottle caps into fun craft projects. If you make any of these, make sure you send in a photo to be included in this collection. You can also get your crafts published.

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Alien Magnet

Bottle Cap magnet Craft
Get creative and use a variety of different pom-poms, chenille stems, and other craft supplies to make fun magnets out of a bottle cap.

Bottle Cap Brooch

Bottle Cap Brooch Craft
A visitor named Christina shared her creative suggestions for making fashionable jewelry out of bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Frame

Bottle Cap Frame Craft
Learn how easy it is to customize a picture frame and even write special messages.

Bottle Cap Game Pieces

Bottle Cap Game Pieces
Do you have a game that has missing pieces? Nechama suggests you use bottle caps to create new game pieces.

Lamp Shade

Bottle Cap Lamp Shade Craft
This is an amazing project that was made and shared by Erica Kuntz.

Message in the Bottle Cap

Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet
To make this fun craft, you fill a bottle cap with glitter glue and add beads or charms that share a special message.

Necklace Pendant

Bottle Top Necklace Pendant Craft
Find directions for making pendants out of bottle caps and colorful paper.

Pumpkin Magnet

Bottle Cap Pumpkin Magnet Craft
Can you tell that this little pumpkin magnet is made out of a bumpy chenille stem?
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